Home Security Autonomous Co Alarm Leaking Independent Ceiling Sensor Carbon Monoxide Co Gas Alarm Anti Poisoning Alarms JY-H502-WIFI

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Home Security Autonomous Co Alarm Leaking Independent Ceiling Sensor Carbon Monoxide Co Gas Alarm Anti Poisoning Alarms JY-H502-WIFI
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Warranty: 1 year
Type: wifi C3H8 gas alarm
Customized support: OEM, ODM, OBM
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Nombre de la marca: safewill
Model Number: JY-H502-WIFI
Detecting Gas: C3H8
Dimensions: 80*46MM
Measuring range: 0~20%LEL
Alarm value: 8%LEL
Response time: <30S
Alarm method: Audible alarm
working environment: -10℃-50℃ <95%RH (no condensation)
Power consumption: <2W
Alarm sound pressure: >75dB/M
Installation method: In-line, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted
Información básica
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Nombre de la marca: safewill
Model Number: JY-H502-WIFI
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Packaging Details: color carton packing
Supply Ability: 50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Home Carbon Monoxide Alarm


1.1 Product overview:

This product is carbon monoxide alarm (hereinafter referred to as alarm), used to detect carbon monoxide gas. Alarm using carbon monoxide concentration with backlit LCD display, 3 section 5, battery or external DC5V power supply way, electrochemical sensors, carbon monoxide has high stability, low power consumption, high sensitivity, low drift characteristics, modern intelligent iot system is integrated in the alarm CAT1 module (selected), it will alarm information, fault information and real-time information such as carbon monoxide gas concentration in WeChat small program on display, alarm when send alarm information timely inform users, etc.

1.2 Product appearance

1.3 Operating instructions:

After the alarm is powered on, the voice prompt "Welcome to use carbon monoxide alarm" LCD back light for 15 seconds, the LCD screen decreases from 120 to 0, the warm-up ends, the alarm enters the fault detection state, the detection enters the normal detection state. The green light is always on in the external power supply mode, and it flashes every 30 seconds in the battery power supply mode, indicating that the alarm is in standby mode. When the concentration of the measured gas in the air is greater than 30PPM, the LCD screen lights up the backlight for 15 seconds to display the real-time concentration of the measured gas in the environment.

When the concentration of the measured gas in the environment reaches the alarm set value, the alarm will send out sound and light alarm instruction, and the control output will be turned on after 10 seconds.

The red indicator indicates the alarm state. When the alarm occurs, the red indicator flashes quickly, and the voice prompts -- low limit alarm "Please pay attention to excessive CARBON monoxide, please keep ventilation" high limit alarm "Please pay attention to serious excessive carbon monoxide, please stay away from the dangerous area, ooh! Ah! Oooo!" When the CO concentration drops below the alarm set value, the alarm will be lifted and the alarm information will be sent to the customer remotely.

The yellow indicator indicates the fault state. When the carbon monoxide sensor fails, the indicator will always be on, and the voice prompt "please pay attention to the fault of the carbon monoxide sensor" and the LCD screen will display "Err", and the fault information will be sent to the WeChat small program to inform the user. The indicator light of yellow sensor life to limit flashes when the sensor life to limit, and the LCD screen shows "END". And send the fault information to WeChat applet to notify the user.

When the battery is low voltage, the yellow fault indicator flashes once in 10 seconds. At the same time, the voice prompt "please note that the battery is too low, please replace the battery" will be sent to the WeChat applet to notify the user.

1.4 Key operation method

Press "TEST" to TEST the product. The green indicator lights up and the red indicator flashes for 4 times. The voice prompt "functional TEST is normal" will send the TEST information to the WeChat applet for display. To check whether the sensor, indicator light and LCD display screen are normal, press once every 5 seconds, and test sound pressure of db meter is greater than 85dB/m at an interval of 1M from alarm. In case of alarm, long press test button for 5 seconds to eliminate the alarm voice prompt and output signal. The alarm will not perform detection function. After about 1 minute, the detection and alarm function will be restored

1.5 LCD display content

Display Content




Sensor failure

Voice prompt "Attention carbon monoxide sensor failure"


Successful Chinese switching

LCD displays "CH" to indicate successful Chinese switching


English switch successfully

The LCD screen shows "EN" to indicate the successful English text switch


Sensor's service life is over

Yellow sensor life indicator, flashing


Battery voltage is too low

The yellow fault indicator flashes and the voice prompts "The battery is too low, please replace the battery".

1.6 Technical parameters

Detection of gas






Power supply mode

DC4.5V AAA  /  Adapter DC5V

Standby current


Temperature range


Humidity range

Maximum 95%RH (no condensation)

Alarm sound pressure


Alarm output

Sound and light alarm, remote alarm information push


3 years

Response time



Ceiling/wall hanging

Working frequency band

FDD-LTE: B1, B3, B5, B8,
TDD-LTE: B34, B39, B40, B41
GSM/GPRS: 900/1800 MHz

Communication methods(optional)


Transmission power


Execution standard


1.7 Functional features

  • Smart iot, remote alarm information push(CAT1 module is optional)
  • Human voice prompt
  • Low battery alarm prompt
  • Self-check the mute
  • LCD backlight, visible at night
  • Record alarm function



2.1 Recommended installation area

It is recommended to install alarms near your bedroom and living area, or where you think carbon monoxide is likely to leak

If the alarm is mounted on a wall, it should be higher than the height of any door or window, but at least 150mm from the ceiling panel. If the alarm is mounted on the ceiling, it should be at least 300mm from any wall and at least 1m-3m from the potential air source. If there is an isolator in the room, the alarm should be placed on the same side as the potential source of air. In a room with a pitched ceiling, the alarm should be located on the high side of the room and very close to the area where the occupant is breathing frequently.

Ideally, it is suggested that in each room with a fuel use utensils with an alarm, but if the alarm is limited, when determining the position to consider the following: if the bedroom has a burner, the need to install an alarm system in the bedroom, if the room for the chimney or ordinary flue type burner, you need to install an alarm system in the room. If in a bedroom/living room, the alarm should be kept as far away from cooking utensils as possible. If in an infrequently used room, such as a boiler room, the alarm should be installed outside the room so that it is easy to hear the alarm sound.

2.2 Installation Precautions

Do not install it outside the building, in cupboards or other damp, wet, dusty, greasy places such as kitchens, garages, oils, dust or household chemicals that can damage the sensor head of the alarm and prevent it from working properly.

Do not install carbon monoxide alarms too high in places where there is no ventilation, such as on vaulted ceilings or pointy roofs.

Do not install in areas with temperatures below 0 ° C or above 50 ° C, including rooms, attics, corridors and garages. Extreme temperatures will affect the sensitivity of the carbon monoxide gas alarm.

Don't block the alarm vent. Place the alarm in an area that won't be blocked by curtains, furniture, or other objects.

Do not install carbon monoxide alarms too close to the burner, which may cause frequent alarms and noise pollution.

Do not install near doors or Windows to the outdoors, near fresh air vents or any other well-ventilated area. Fast circulating air from fans or fresh air from outdoors can affect the response to an alarm.

2.3 Installation method

The alarm can be mounted on the roof or on the wall. After selecting the installation position, draw the installation hole on the installation bracket, punch holes on the drawn mark, insert the rubber plug into the hole, and install and fix the installation bracket with self-tapping screw. If it is not convenient to punch and fix, you can also use back glue to fix.

Align the hook slot on the rear panel of the alarm with the buckle on the mounting base, and fasten the alarm and the mounting base from top to bottom to finish the installation.

2.4 Battery installation and replacement

Push the alarm upward and remove it from the mounting bracket. The battery compartment can be seen, and the battery can be replaced by taking out the battery. The battery compartment has anti-installation device and anti-freeze device. After the battery is installed, the starting prompt will appear and the LCD screen will be lit. If it does not appear, there will be no power access. The capacity and voltage of the battery should be consistent with the voltage marked by the alarm.

2.5 Wiring instructions

In the figure above, there are two control outputs, one for connecting the exhaust fan and the other for cutting off the air source.

The control output port connected to the exhaust fan can be connected to the maximum 220V/1A size of the exhaust fan.

The power adapter interface is used to supply power to the device and supports access to the 5V/2A power adapter.

3,Safety knowledge of CARBON monoxide

3.1 Introduction to Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide will enter the human body and the hemoglobin in the blood binding, because the CO and hemoglobin binding ability is far stronger than the binding ability of oxygen and hemoglobin, and then make the number of hemoglobin can be bound with oxygen sharply reduced, thus causing the occurrence of oxygen deprivation in the body tissues, leading to human asphyxia death. So carbon monoxide is toxic. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, odorless gas, so it is easy to ignore and cause poisoning. Common below the circumstance that sees domestic bedroom ventilation is poor, the gas that coal furnace produces or liquefied gas conduit leaks gas or the carbon monoxide in industrial production gas and mine is inhaled and cause poison.

3.2 Hazards of carbon monoxide

  • mild, mild headache, weakness, chest tightness
  • is serious, serious end, nausea, limb weakness
  • Severe headache, irritability, nausea, mental disorder, impaired vision, muscle weakness, dizziness
  • extremely serious, convulsion, unconsciousness, coma, collapse and die


3.3 Carbon monoxide safety precaution

Open indoor doors and Windows frequently, keep indoor air circulation, install carbon monoxide alarm at appropriate locations, monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide in real time, and remind the crowd to leave the dangerous area when the alarm goes off, so as to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

3.4 Alarm processing

When the air environment, the carbon monoxide density exceeds the alarm setting density, alarm will be issued a warning voice and light alarm signal, at this time should do the following processing: quickly close the valve, open the doors and Windows to keep the indoor air circulation, leave the danger zone, if the alarm alarm, please inform relevant departments or professional processing, such as checking is alarm false positives, the user check alarm installation location.

3.5 Alarm condition

Alarm depth

Response time


Alarm within 60 seconds


Alarm within 30 seconds


Call the police within 60 to 180 minutes

3.6 Warning!

  • Do not use heavy pressure alarms
  • Alarm installation can not be placed in damp places
  • Carbon monoxide alarm cannot be used when the smoke alarm
  • Cannot install where children are easy to come into contact with
  • Cannot be installed in high voltage, strong magnetic field area


4,Instructions for the protection of alarms

4.1 Fault analysis and troubleshooting

When the alarm gives voice warning of low battery or no indication, please check the power supply or replace the battery in time.

When the alarm sends out voice warning of sensor failure or LCD displays Err, please contact the dealer and maintain.

When the alarm life indicator yellow light long light and LCD display End, indicating that the alarm service life to the limit, need to replace the alarm. When you press the "TEST" TEST button, there is no phenomenon. Please check the battery installation and power supply. If you check that the power is connected normally and there is no response, please contact the dealer for maintenance.

4.2 Matters needing attention

  • This product is a carbon monoxide alarm. It cannot be used to detect natural gas, propane, butane and other combustible gases.
  • This product must have the correct power supply, if does not have the normal power supply, the alarm cannot work normally.
  • This product must be maintained regularly in accordance with the instructions
  • Clean once a month. Clean with a household vacuum cleaner and a soft brush
  • Do not wipe the alarm with detergent or solvent. Chemicals can permanently damage or temporarily contaminate the sensor
  • Avoid spraying air fresheners, hair gels, paints, or other aerosols near alarms
  • The service life of the alarm is limited, it should be tested by a professional every half year, and the failure must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible
  • This product can reduce the occurrence of accidents, but it is not guaranteed to be foolproof, for your safety, in addition to the correct use of this product, in daily life must also be vigilant, enhance the awareness of prevention.


5,Packing list

  • The detector
  • Install the base plate
  • Ming said
  • Rubber plug
  • Tapping screw
  • 3 m adhesive
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Q1: Do you support sample orders?

A1: Of course, we support sample orders, bulk order price is more competitive.


Q2: Delivery time

A2: 1-7 days depending on model and quantity


Q3: Contact information

A3: Will to Security


Q4: Quality Assurance

A4: 12 months under normal circumstances


Q5: After-sales service support

A5: European and American customers (processing within 24 hours)

Asian customers (processed within 12 hours)


Q6: OEM and ODM service

A6: Support our professional R&D team with more than 20 people to provide you with OEM&ODM services.


Q7: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A7: Original factory We have two factories in Shenzhen and Xi'an.


Q8: What are your payment terms?

A8: We accept T/T, Paypal, Master Card, Visa, Western Union, L/C.


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